Milwaukee's mask mandate ends March 1, but you will still need them on public transportation

NOW: Milwaukee’s mask mandate ends March 1, but you will still need them on public transportation

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Milwaukee's mask mandate is set to expire on Tuesday, March 1.

COVID-19 cases in Milwaukee County are the lowest they've been since last summer. But, it is not time to leave the mask at home just yet.

"I absolutely love it. I didn't think it was ever going to end. It's overdue. I hope we don't have to go back to this ever again," Milwaukee resident Nolan Clark said.

Milwaukee businesses will no longer have to require customers to wear one. Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson said the health department did not recommend an extension. Milwaukee County remains in the medium category for transmission. New guidance from the CDC only recommends masking when there is a high risk of infection.

"Hearing no desire to have an extension there, if they feel it's time to move on from it, then I'm comfortable doing it," Mayor Johnson said.

But there are of course, exceptions. The federal mask mandate for public transportation is still in place until March 18. This means you still need to mask up at Mitchell International Airport, on MCTS buses, the Amtrak and The Hop.

Fiserv Forum also has its own mandate in place currently. A spokesperson for the Bucks says they are still waiting on clearer guidance from the health department on what to do.

Mayor Johnson said he does not have any intentions on penalizing businesses that did not comply with the mandate.

"Given that many of them have already been through the brunt of the pandemic and have been working overtime to educate not only staff,  but public, on masking," Mayor Johnson said.

Business owners also still have the ability to put their own mandate in place if they choose.

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