Milwaukee's Baldwin Jr. is one of the NBA Draft's most interesting prospects

NOW: Milwaukee’s Baldwin Jr. is one of the NBA Draft’s most interesting prospects

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Patrick Baldwin Jr. is ready to start his NBA career. Working out with teams before the June 23 draft, Baldwin Junior started this season as the most interesting man in college basketball. A top five high school recruit -- choosing UW-Milwaukee to play for his dad. After an injury-filled campaign now, he might be the most interesting man in the NBA Draft.

"There's a wide range of places I could potentially go to. There's been interest from teams across the board at this point," said Baldwin Jr.

No one really knows where Baldwin Jr. will land or just how good the 19-year-old could be. Injuries derailed his Panthers career. But, at 6'10" with a solid shot and rapidly progressing defense, mock drafts have him anywhere from 20th overall to the second round.

"I tend not to look at those (mock drafts) too much. They kind of get me going, get me started because when you look at those lists and you see what is it 20 guys, 25 guys ahead of you. I just tend to believe they're not true to the player that I know I am."

Baldwin Jr. tells me he'll be healthy and ready to go for the NBA season and his biggest task leading up to the draft is proving that. He's living in Chicago now working out full time with visits to a handful of teams every week.

"They know what I can do," said Baldwin Jr. "At this point when I'm healthy. It's just about going out there and being that person and being that dog that I know I can be."

There's a chance Baldwin Jr. will go from Sussex Hamilton to UW-Milwaukee to the Bucks. He tells me that Milwaukee has shown some interest and right now the Bucks own the 24th pick in the draft.

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