Milwaukee Woman Talks About Sharing the Stage with Singer Adele

Communications Specialist Kathleen Dohearty still basking in the glow on her star turn with singing sensation Adele.

"She plucked me out of the audience and the rest is history," recalled the executive at Branigan Communications. "She asked if anyone could sing and I'm not shy. So, I raised my hand."

It happened Sunday night in Chicago.

Kathleen already thought the great seats were the best way to celebrate her birthday. It only got better from there. 

"It was lucky. It was totally random. She was very gracious. She was willing to share the stage and have her fans up which is phenomenal, which is one of the reasons everybody loves her to begin with."

If it weren't for the video, Kathleen isn't quite sure she'd even have recollection of everything that happened. Though definitely not a wall flower, even this was a stage she never expected to take over.

"It was a surreal experience. That's all I can say. You kind of get into go mode. It's one of these situations where either you can and I just really wanted to make the most of that experience. All I can say is I was in shock. She's one of my favorite artists. It was such a pleasure to do. It really was."

Kathleen was featured in "Our Stories" Tuesday on on the CBS 58 News at 4. Our attempt to balance the negative stories of the day and give us all a complete perspective of the place we call home.

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