Milwaukee woman charged with helping accused killer Dariaz Higgins

NOW: Milwaukee woman charged with helping accused killer Dariaz Higgins

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee woman is now charged in connection with helping Dariaz Higgins avoid arrest.

Deloise Lipsey, 31, is charged with Harboring or Aiding a Felon.

According to the criminal complaint, Lipsey was interviewed on March 16. She told authorities that she lives in Milwaukee and Las Vegas but has been going back and forth between the two. Lipsey allegedly said she decided to return to Milwaukee because that's where her family is and because she has an open case in Milwaukee.

On March 6, Lipsey said she received a phone call from Dariaz Higgins who told her to fly to Minnesota to meet him. According to the criminal complaint, Higgins picked her up from the airport along with a passenger in the car that she didn't recognize. The three of them allegedly drove around in a city that she had never been to before. Lipsey told investigators that the next morning she found out she was in Austin, Minnesota.

On Saturday, Lipsey told police that she spent the day by herself and that Higgins did not come back until later in the evening, possibly around 3 a.m. on that Sunday. According to the criminal complaint, that's when Higgins allegedly told Lipsey that they were going to change motels and go to Minneapolis. 

Before they left, Higgins went into the hotel room to take the "trash" out. Lipsey told investigators this was not unusual because they frequently had leftover drug evidence inside their hotel rooms.

Higgins put whatever he had taken out of the room into their black Nissan rental car and allegedly told Lipsey to program Minneapolis into her GPS. According to the criminal complaint, they drove for 10 to 20 miles before Higgins said he wanted to take a side road.

They allegedly drove until Higgins said he had to urinate so he pulled to the side of the road. According to the criminal complaint, the Nissan then got stuck. Higgins then allegedly opened the back tailgate to get rid of the "trash," but another vehicle pulled up and that person helped to push the Nissan out of the snow.

They then allegedly drove for a few more miles before Higgins told Lipsey to pull over. Higgins then allegedly got out, opened the rear tailgate, and threw out the "trash."

According to the criminal complaint, they then drove to Rochester before heading back to Milwaukee.

Once in Milwaukee, they drove to several different locations before Higgins is said to have dropped her off at a corner store near 21st and Wright, saying he'd be right back. Lipsey allegedly waited for 45 minutes before being told to leave. She told investigators she then walked to the home of Higgins' friend and stayed there. 

Lipsey told investigators that she got a phone call while with Higgins from someone who told her that Higgins had shot two women multiple times, killing one, and taking the baby.

Lipsey told investigators that she and Higgins then drove to Chicago and Detroit. While at a Walmart in Michigan, Higgins allegedly asked Lipsey to buy him bleach which she did but she said she didn't know why he needed it.

According to the criminal complaint, two officers pulled into the parking lot and asked them for their ID's. Lipsey gave the officer her ID but Higgins allegedly pulled off, leaving her behind. One police car pursued Higgins while the other stayed behind.

Lipsey did not tell the officer that Higgins was a murder suspect.

According to the criminal complaint, Lipsey acknowledged she "messed up" by not notifying the police in Michigan about Higgins and by continuing to get hotel rooms for him after she knew he was wanted for shooting and killing the child's mother and shooting the other woman.

If convicted, Lipsey faces 10 years in prison and up to $25,000 in fines. 

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