Milwaukee woman carjacked, neighbor catches act on camera

CBS 58 spoke with Omayra Rivera who says she had her car taken at gunpoint, and a neighbor who recorded part of that carjacking on camera.

\"I start backing up to lock my doors, and when I go like this to look back, the guy comes rushing,\" Rivera said. \"He put his hand like this, he had a red hoodie, he said give me the keys, and just snatched the keys off my hand.\"

It was a scary encounter for Rivera and her friends, victims of an armed carjacking at the corner of 24th and Lapham.

Rivera says the crime happened shortly after eight Thursday night when she parked her car outside her home.

\"I could see the dude holding the gun,\" said Rivera.

A neighbor who does not want to be identified caught the getaway on his security cameras.

The video shows one man running to the stolen car before riding away with the driver down the alley.

The neighbor says crime is a problem in this area.

\"Multiple shootings. Every night we hear gunfire,\" the unidentified neighbor said. \"Every night.\"

\"This neighborhood is getting really bad,\" Rivera said.

Besides a huge scare, the two suspects did not harm Rivera or her friends.

There is a vague description of the two men, one wearing a red hoodie, both are tall and appear to be in their early 20s.

Rivera says she saw a grey minivan driving away as well, and believes that driver is part of this crew.

Police say they are investigating the incident.

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