Milwaukee using sand to aid salt on snowy roads

MILWAUKEE -- The intense winter season, complete with heavy snow and icy roads, have kept public works departments busy--and worried about the season's salt supply.

Milwaukee has turned to sand to help the salt on side streets after using 62,000 tons of salt already this season. There's about 25,000 tons left, but there's also plenty of time left for winter to wreak havoc on main roads and side streets.

Main streets will continue to use a mixture of rock salt and calcium chloride.

The Town of Waukesha will tap into its emergency supply of road salt during the next snow event, having already run out of its 2,000 ton allotment for the season. 

The town is also rationing its supply by mixing salt with sand, only to be spread on hills, intersections and curves. 

The salt-sand mix can help with traction but also hangs around on neighborhood streets. Since it doesn't go away as easily as salt, sand can build up in sewer systems, adding to cleanup when spring comes.

CBS 58's Matt Doyle has more.

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