Milwaukee reviewing current COVID safety plan; could move backwards

NOW: Milwaukee reviewing current COVID safety plan; could move backwards

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee's health department is reviewing its current COVID-19 safety plan in light of the growing number of cases across the city.

It could move backwards and return to restrictions last seen during the spring.

The health department has two main concerns.

First, the growth in the overall number of cases has risen sharply.

Second, a growing percentage of residents getting tested are coming back positive.

The city is now above a 10-percent positive rate, meaning for every 10 people tested, one is positive for COVD-19.

Interim Health Commissioner Marlaina Jackson said that is a huge red flag for the health department.

She said she will review the city's current COVID safety plan, which sets the rules for everything.

Business occupancy limits, what can be open, what needs to be closed, are all controlled by the city's plan.

Jackson wouldn't say what changes she's considering, but hopes to have any out by Oct. 23.

"Over the next few days, that is exactly what we're going to do, we're going to go back, look at our order, see what changes we can make if any," said Jackson.

This is the first time since the current order took effect in July the city has been in the position of having both positivity rates and the number of cases in what it considers a red zone.

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