Milwaukee Red Cross volunteers ready to head south when called on

MILWAUKEE -- Ready and waiting.  That's the status for American Red Cross Volunteers in Milwaukee.  They're waiting to hear if they'll be deployed to help people in the south after tornadoes ripped through various areas.

Volunteers prepare for hard work, long days, and a difficult job.

\"It's physically it's mentally part of it is in your heart,\" Red Cross worker Barbara Behling said. \"Physically you take a suitcase.  In something like a tornado you need a stiff pair of boots shoes because there could be glass or nails or debris you don't want anyone to get hurt. It's still spring time you need a variety of clothing for the weather elements. Mentally they prepare.\"

The American Red Cross has a tornado app available too.  It can help before, during, and after a tornado.  It's a helpful resource for anyone in areas with severe weather.

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