Milwaukee Public Works committee, DPW discuss snow removal procedures

NOW: Milwaukee Public Works committee, DPW discuss snow removal procedures

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee city leaders met Wednesday to talk about the Department of Public Works snow removal response following a snow storm two weeks ago.

Members of the city's Public Works Committee expressed their frustration to leaders at DPW.

DPW says it follows a long-standing policy that provides bare pavement removal on arterial streets because of high traffic volumes and higher posted speed limits.

Residential streets are also plowed, but are considered safe and passable with snow covered conditions.

Several alderman said they heard from many residents last week who were frustrated with the response.

“I got so many calls and so many emails to my office because of the condition of the streets in the neighborhoods, not the arterial streets, those were fine," District Two Alderman Cavalier Johnson said. "We need to do a better job of clearing the streets in neighborhoods."

DPW leaders say they understand the concern.

“We do have that foremost in our mind that we need to move into the districts faster and make sure we’re not going round and round on the arterials, so we certainly understand your point," Milwaukee DPW Director of Operations Laura Daniels said.

DPW did not say any changes will be made to its snow removal policy.

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