Milwaukee Prepares for Democratic Debate

For the second time during this presidential campaign season, the political spotlight is shining on Milwaukee. 

Last November, the city hosted a Republican Debate. 

Tonight, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders face off on the debate stage at UW-Milwaukee. 

The room opened at 6 this morning, and throughout the morning, it's slowly been growing with reporters and crews from all over the country.

During the debate this will be the room where nearly 400 journalists will gather. They will be able to watch the debate live on 15 television's spread out across the room.

There is 12 rows of work stations, so reporters can write, tweet, and do everything we do while the debate is going on and prepare our stories.

On the other side of the room is what is known as the spin room.

It's the spot the candidates and their representatives will come after a debate to speak with the media and give their own analysis of what is happening.

There are also real time displays of which candidates and issues Facebook users are talking about.

Using social media is something that has become essential to the election process.

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