Milwaukee Police Release Statement on Arrest During Demonstration

Milwaukee Police responded to a subject with a gun call at 2636 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue on Wednesday, December 28th, around 4:00 p.m. 

According to police, a group of demonstrators were armed.

According to police, officers encountered a subject who was unsafely handling a firearm. 

Police said the subject was interviewed and found to have an open warrant. 

During the interview police said several members of the demonstration began to encircle the police and had to be physically moved back. 

The person with the warrant, a 21-year old Milwaukee man, was arrested. 

Police said the shotgun he was possessing was inventoried for safe keeping. 

Milwaukee Police said District 3 leadership reached out the family of a juvenile who was allegedly injured during the disturbance to investigate the allegations, but according to police the family has yet to contact police.  

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