Milwaukee Police Officers Save Two People After Suicide Attempt

Police couldn't tell how the 21-year-old woman and the two year-old child are related but say both are still recovering in the hospital after they nearly died in Lake Michigan on Monday. 

It was a chilly day on the shores of Lake Michigan.

But Monday afternoon plenty of people were out with their children enjoying the sunshine.

"Hanging out with the wife children, having a good time at the park and all the sudden,everything broke loose so to speak," said Mike Delaney, who was at the marina Monday afternoon. 

 Things quickly took a turn for the worse. Milwaukee Police said around 3 PM, a 21 year old woman tried to kill herself and a two year old child.

"People who were fishing at the end of the pier observed a woman and small child fall into the lake. They called for help," said Milwaukee Police. 

Michael Delaney says police were there within minutes.

"Milwaukee Police came in with a high sense of urgency; they drove two squads right out there on the pier," said Delaney. 

And captured this video after the woman and boy were pulled from the water, unresponsive and in cardiac arrest. 
"The mother was located 10-15 feet off of sea wall, the baby was a little closer to sea wall, 5-10 feet," said Officer Tobias Golembiewski.

Golembiewski, a 24- year-veteran of the force was the first to jump in the water.

"Just trying to get to them as quick as I could and wanted to get them to my cohorts up on sea wall so they could begin their life saving efforts," he said. 

With a group of officers then performing CPR, reviving them both. 

"Initially seeing child in the water is kinda shocking but then having to revive him..the greatest sound in the world was when he started crying again to know that he started breathing and know he was alive again was the greatest feeling," said Officer Tim Ptaszek.

Officers still don't know why the woman brought the baby into the water with her and at last check both are still being treated at a local hospital. 

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