Milwaukee Police officers in middle of street brawl

NOW: Milwaukee Police officers in middle of street brawl

Only now that CBS 58 News has been able to confirm the circumstances are we showing cell phone video of a street brawl last Thursday near 41st and Center.

A flabbergasted viewer started rolling from a distance, uncertain of just how bad things might get.

The fight broke out seconds after a child was hit by an ice cream truck.

Police say it was a minor ankle injury.

But that didn't stop the profanity laced tirade that then came to blows.

Responding officers break up the two sides and it appears as if the dust had settled.

But again the women go out. At one point someone gets slapped and responds by throwing water.

Officers used their outstretched arms and words to restore calm.

Nobody was ever seriously hurt.

But the video gives a new appreciation for the challenges faced by the rank and file to de-escalate situations.

At least two women were detained and citations issued.

From either perspective, it is a lesson in the importance of restraint.

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