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US Marshals arrest suspect wanted in connection to crash that killed Milwaukee 911 dispatcher

NOW: US Marshals arrest suspect wanted in connection to crash that killed Milwaukee 911 dispatcher

Updated: 5:41 p.m. on March 25, 2020

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The United States Marshals arrested Denzil Crosby on Tuesday, March 24 in the state of Texas.

Crosby was wanted in connection with the death of Milwaukee Police Emergency Communications Operator Deborah Harris.


Updated: 4:57 p.m. on March 18, 2020 

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police are looking to track down 25-year-old Denzil Crosby in connection to crash that killed 911 dispatcher Deborah Harris. 

Police describe Crosby as a black male, standing 6'2" tall, weighing 260 pounds, with brown hairs and black, shoulder-length dreadlocks. 

Anyone with information on Crosby's whereabouts is asked to contact Milwaukee police at 414-935-7360 or Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS.

Published: 4:23 a.m. on March 16, 2020 

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee police dispatcher was killed after a vehicle crashed into her parked car early Monday morning, March 16. 

According to Milwaukee police, officers witnessed a vehicle run a red light near N. 51st Blvd. and W. Fond du Lac Ave around 2 a.m. Officers initially pulled the vehicle over, but the driver took off. Police then initiated a pursuit, and lost sight of the vehicle nearly a minute later. 

Shortly after, officers saw the vehicle had crashed into an occupied car near N. 51st Blvd. and W. Vienna Ave. 

"I hear this bump, bump. Really hard. I got up and I looked out the front window and by then I heard the sirens and I looked out the window and it was just lit up and I saw the car," said Judy Cocroft, neighbor. "I saw them working trying to get her out." 

The victim, a 62-year-old Deborah Harris of Milwaukee, was employed as emergency communications operator by Milwaukee Police Department. She had 32 years of service with the department. She died from her injuries. 

Harris leaves behind a husband, two adult children, two grandchildren and a host of family members and friends.

"It's sad.It's you know the innocent people. Just going on about their business. Trying to get home or picking up someone and you know it's just sad," said Cocroft.

MPD is actively investigating and seeking a suspect. Preliminary investigation shows that the suspect was a black man standing 6 feet tall. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities at 414-933-4444 or Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS.

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Homer 68 days ago
Do penalties of Demerits and Timeouts prevent crime?

Is driving while suspended a crime? Is driving while under the influence of drugs a crime? How about multiple occasions of driving while suspended and driving under the influence, are they crimes? ... apparently not for Denzil Crosby,

Will Denzil Crosby be held accountable for killing Deborah Harris? Yes, more Demerits, a Timeout, and maybe a lecture... Is that being held accountable for killing an innocent?

Denzil Crosby needs/needed to have a job with benefits to pay his child support. He didn't intend to kill Deborah Harris.
Lawrence 71 days ago
Very terrible. That passenger had better do the right thing and talk.
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