Milwaukee Police Department's Rumbler Siren Vibrates Cars

Nowadays lights and sirens aren’t enough to get people to pull over. To remedy the problem Milwaukee Police are adding some new sirens to their police cars.

It’s a siren you don’t just see, and hear, you actually feel it. It’s called the Rumbler and it’s expanding on a police force near you. It’s a siren that emits a low frequency sound that vibrates your car. It goes through the material of the vehicle, the frame, and seats. The subwoofer is located inside the grill of the car. Milwaukee K-9 Police Officer, Jeff Lepianka says the department has been adding the sirens over the last few years to battle distracted driving.

Lepianka says, "Drivers will have their ear buds in, be on their cell phone. This siren will break through this and get the people to pull over so I can get to where we need to go."

The company that makes the siren says it charges police departments about $400 a siren but they can be sold for as much as $700 dollars a siren. Milwaukee says they have added 38 Rumblers to their squads, a small fraction of their fleet.  He says the Rumbler is highly effective to getting to 'emergencies' during high traffic times,

"With the Rumbler going people 10 to 15 car lengths are already getting to the side."

Those precious minutes saved, could save lives.

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