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Milwaukee Police Department inspecting Ford Explorers amidst carbon monoxide concerns elsewhere

NOW: Milwaukee Police Department inspecting Ford Explorers amidst carbon monoxide concerns elsewhere


The Milwaukee Police Department is conducting inspections of Ford Explorers in its fleet, but so far has not fielded any complaint regarding carbon monoxide.

A CBS News investigation has learned that Ford may be close to a major recall that could affect police department across the country.

The company's best selling Explorer has been implicated in carbon monoxide related sickness among some officers.

Police departments say fumes are seeping into the SUVs and sickening officers, and federal safety regulators have logged thousands of complaints.

1.3 million vehicles are the subject of a federal investigation.

In one instance, an officer based out and rear ended another vehicle.

Some departments are finding cracks in the exhaust manifold.

"If you're running your air conditioning or your vent system that's the air that's coming through the engine compartment." said David Dise, Dir. of Montgomery County's Dept. of General Services "So you're sucking carbon monoxide into the cabin if you have that kind of a leak."

Ford is not convinced the cracks are to blame.

"MPD has 40 Ford Explorers in the fleet ranging in model year from 2010 to the present," said Sgt. Timothy Gauerke. "Thus far there have been no complaints related to carbon monoxide leaks. The department is inspecting these vehicles as a precaution."

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office also not reporting any problems.

"It seems that a lot of the issues are because of the installers drilling holes in areas of their cars to put in police equipment," Sheriff Dale J. Schmidt. "While we are certainly testing to ensure safety of our staff, we have seen no issues so far, likely as a result of the method of equipment installation we have had done."

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office has none in its fleet.

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