Milwaukee Police continue search for homicide suspect, Victor Cintron

NOW: Milwaukee Police continue search for homicide suspect, Victor Cintron

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Police continue to search for 23-year old Victor Cintron charged with shooting and killing a man on May 3.

While undercover police we’re looking for Cintron on Tuesday near 7th and Maple in Milwaukee, two other men, one of them masked and armed with a handgun approached the officers.

Officers fired, killing the masked 29-year old Milwaukee man who had a warrant out for his arrest for armed robbery.

The other suspect, an 18-year-old man ran away, but police caught him.

“We’re still interviewing the second person involved,” Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said.

Surveillance footage from a nearby business shows the moments after the officer-involved shooting when responding officers first got on scene.

It is unclear if the two suspects have any connection to Cintron.

Sullymar Rodriguez says Cintron killed her 22-year-old cousin Jose Rodriguez Friday while he was at a stoplight near 27th and Forest Home with his girlfriend, Cintron’s ex-girlfriend. Rodriguez shielded the woman and was shot 8 times, losing his life to save hers.

“He is a hero,” Sullymar Rodriguez said.

Cintron’s ex-girlfriend told police her and Cintron have a child together. She says since they separated, Cintron has been physically abusive and threatened her life.

Court records show Cintron had been ordered to give up his gun in April because of domestic assault charges. Jose’s family hopes justice will be served.

“I want him to pay because it’s unfair,” Sullymar Rodriguez said. “Jose was a father, a family person, and he has a baby on the way.”

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