Milwaukee Police Chief talks about crime spree

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's Police Chief says more young people are committing more serious crimes. A recent spree of robberies, most from the East Side, serves as one troubling example.

Police have now arrested two 16 year old males, a 17 year old male, and two 18 year old males, all from Milwaukee. Milwaukee's Police Chief Ed Flynn says the group may be involved in up to a dozen robberies including those robberies that have plagued the East Side.

Chief Flynn says, \"There is one organization we're looking at intensely right now, we're in the process of investigating it and making arrests but also making a strategy to deal with it.\"

Chief Flynn isn't calling it a gang but says it's a group of young people using the stolen cars to commit and get away from other crimes.

Chief Flynn says, \"It's much more made up of crews that have something in common. Today's gangs are as likely to get into a fight with itself than to be in a turf battle with someone else.\"

He says every time a crew of criminals was arrested, another group sprang up. That's why the mayor says they'll be sending a strong message in court.

Mayor Tom Barrett says, \"There's going to be an effective response, a coordinated response from the district attorney to the judicial system.\"

During the arrest police recovered a hand gun and three sets of car keys. The district attorney could be reviewing the case as early as next week.


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