Milwaukee police buy basketballs, hoops for kids in the community

NOW: Milwaukee police buy basketballs, hoops for kids in the community

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With nationwide tensions between the community and police sparking unrest and protests, a group of Milwaukee police officers are hoping to change that by reaching out to young people in the community through basketball.

A group of Milwaukee police officers from District 3 teamed up to buy two basketball hoops and 10 basketballs to give out to kids in the community. The officers delivered it to community kids Wednesday, July 8.

Last year, the group of officers hosted a block party where they handed out backpacks. However, they decided not to do that this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Milwaukee Police Department officer Frank Williams said growing up, he was told not to like police officers and he hopes initiatives like this will help to continue to change that relationship.

“There was a lot of police officers at that time who were run and go, but no it is community based," Williams said. "We are trying to make sure we paint ourselves in a different light to show that we’re human. We’re just like you. It starts with the kids. If you can change the minds of the kids, it trickles up to adults and one the adults’ minds are changed we are on the right path to bridging that gap.”

MPD officers will also host an event Saturday, July 11 where they will be giving bikes away. More details on the event will be released soon. 

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