Milwaukee Police Arrest 19 in Gang Round Up

Milwaukee Police arrested 19 in a round up of the Wild 100 gang on Tuesday. Police held a press conference on West Silver Spring discussing the seizures and arrests. 
"All the arrests were made today starting early this morning," said Chief Ed Flynn.
The arrest included the seizure of guns, cocaine and marijuana. 
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Ten of the suspects face charges of felon possession of firearm. 
Flynn said most of the arrests were without incident. 
"There was one particular incident where a suspect was reaching for a gun as police entered his bedroom," said District Attorney John Chisholm. 
Several individuals arrested have homicides in their jackets, according to Mayor Barrett. 
"This particular crew is connected to many other acts of violence," said Chisholm. 
Mayor Barrett  pointed out the gang had posted videos on YouTube as publicity for the gang.  
"The fact that the individual is talking about heart stopper, cop dropper in that video should send a message to every law abiding resident in the city,"  that the individuals that we are talking about are not just wayward individuals," said Mayor Barrett. "These are people intent on breaking the law and causing havoc in the community and we are not going to allow that to happen." 
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