Milwaukee Police: 110 Killings, 43 Unsolved So Far This Year

There are more than three dozen families, waiting for word that the killer of their loved one is found.

City leaders say while the number of killers on the loose is disappointing, there is a way we can help.

"She was not the intended target. And this continues to happen over and over and over and over," says Jackson's family member Shawnda Payne.

Loved ones remember Britany Jackson after she was shot and killed near 76th street and Grantosa Tuesday night.

 "This is a woman that just had a baby. This is a woman that was a woman. This was a woman that ain't out here in these streets. Ain't out here thuggin'. Ain't out here doing none of that. This was not deserved," says Payne. 

Milwaukee police report 110 killings so far this year. Jackson's death is one of 43 that are unsolved. 

"When you get these random acts of violence, there's not a lot of clues there," says Brian Dorow of Waukesha County Technical College. 

Crime experts say many times, these killings are hard to solve because of very little evidence or witnesses. 

"There are not a lot of witnesses and sometimes you have people that will not cooperate. If you don't have a cooperating witness, you don't have anything going. You can't solve the homicide," says Dorow. 

City leaders think more more witnesses coming forward is key, as well as more officers.

 "This is a collective responsibility. When we're talking about solving these types of crimes. We really do need to make the type of investments into detectives so that they can have the dedicated time to put in the work to solving these crimes," says Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton. 

"It's the right thing for somebody to do, to say enough is enough. Turn yourself in. Turn yourself in," says Payne. 

 Experts also say in some cases, police may know who committed the crime, but don't have enough probable cause to do anything. 

That's why they always ask you to call police, with the promise of keeping your identity secret

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