Milwaukee passes deal to sell Lake Michigan water to Waukesha

NOW: Milwaukee passes deal to sell Lake Michigan water to Waukesha

Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton says the Milwaukee-Waukesha water deal is a win win.

"This is a way that we can move forward, understanding the needs of both communities," Hamilton said.

Waukesha can stop using radium-contaminated water, and Milwaukee gets more than $3 million a year from it's newest customer.

"I think this is a good financial deal, for the city of Milwaukee and it's rate payers," Hamilton said.

Only Alderman Nik Kovac voted against the deal. He says the water should be used to create more equality between Milwaukee and it's suburbs.

"I wanted promises that any suburb that's going to take water from the watershed, commits seriously to a regional plan for a good transportation system, and for economic and racial integration throughout the region. And Waukesha has made no such attempts that I'm aware of."

He says there is one positive - Waukesha agreed to cap how much water they could take - limiting how much could be given to their neighbors.

"This is a better scenario than having Oak Creek sell Waukesha the water. Because at least now, we can hold them somewhat accountable."

The deal isn't completely finished. The Waukesha common council has to vote on December 5. If they pass it, the deal will begin in 2023.

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