Milwaukee leaders, Governor Walker mourning death of officer killed in line of duty

NOW: Milwaukee leaders, Governor Walker mourning death of officer killed in line of duty

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee leaders and Governor Walker are mourning the loss of a Milwaukee police officer killed Wednesday evening. 

In a tearful press conference, Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales says the Milwaukee Police Officer who was shot near 28th and Wright has died. Chief Morales said the officer was his friend and was a 17-year veteran of the force.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the officer was well liked. He commended the officers who were there during today's incident for going into a dangerous situation.

Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt offered his condolences saying:

“My heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and fellow officers who today suffered the loss of a beloved Milwaukee Police Department officer. Our community mourns once again at this tragic loss of life. May God’s comfort be felt in this most difficult moment.”

This is the second officer death in the line of duty this year. On June 7, Officer Charles Irvine Jr., was killed in a car crash pursuing a suspect. Wednesday's deadly shooting is the first line of duty death involving a shooting since 1996 when Wendolyn Tanner died on September 7. 

It's the first time since 1994 that two Milwaukee police officers have died in the line of duty. 

Attorney General Brad Schimel tweeted saying in part "my heart aches for Milwaukee Police, the city, and the family and friends of an officer killed while executing a warrant."

The Milwaukee Fire & Police Commission issued this statement:

"Yesterday the City lost a valued family member. Officer Michael Michalski served the City ofMilwaukee for 20 years, first as a parking checker and then 17 years as a police officer. By allaccounts he was a hard-working, well-respected member of the Milwaukee Police Department. Officer Michalski was a husband, father, friend, and colleague and he will be sorely missed bythose who knew and loved him.

"The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission, the entity that hires all police officers, stands withthe Milwaukee Police Department and Officer Michalski’s family as they mourn his death. Wethank Officer Michalski for his service and thank all of the members of the Milwaukee PoliceDepartment who continue to risk their lives daily to protect the citizens of the City of Milwaukee.

"May God be with his family, the Milwaukee Police Department, and the community as we grievethis tragic loss of life."

Alderman Stamper released a statement saying:

"My deepest condolences go to the loved ones and friends of the Milwaukee Police officer who was killed in the line of duty earlier this evening in the 15th District. The sadness I witnessed tonight at the scene is difficult to process and I cannot stop thinking about the officer and his family.

I want to thank him for his service, and I thank all of our dedicated officers who rush to danger to protect us and who put their lives on the line daily without hesitation.

May God be with the officer and his family at this time."

Alderman Bob Donovan released the following statement:

"My heart goes out to the family of the officer who was senselessly gunned down earlier this evening while on duty. I am simply numb and I can only imagine the heartbreaking sadness and pain being felt by his loved ones, friends, and fellow officers.

My thoughts are also with the citizens of Milwaukee and everyone who cares about this city and about the men and women who risk their lives daily in the difficult work to protect each and every one of us.
As the father of a Milwaukee Police officer I can tell you that the Milwaukee Police family is hurting tonight, and that pain will not go away for some time. The past two months have been very difficult and now officers must face new grieving and emotional pain.

I ask Milwaukeeans to band together and offer as much support and comfort to our officers as possible in the coming days and weeks.

They need that support and it will be greatly appreciated."

Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton said:

"The entire City of Milwaukee saw and heard the pain of Police Chief Alfonso Morales when he announced only a few hours ago that the life of a police officer had been taken in the line of duty.

Tonight, we stand and grieve with him and all the men and women who have sworn to protect and serve this community.

A department that had not seen an officer taken in over two decades has now lost two in fewer than two months. The first was an eager young officer. This last, we are told, was a well-regarded veteran.

We will all learn more in the coming days about the circumstances of this incident, the name and story of the officer killed, and what might have motivated this horrific violence.

Tonight, however, it must be enough to mourn a life lost, to pray for strength for his family and friends, and to pray for healing for the other victim or victims injured in this incident."

United States Attorney Matthew Krueger issued the following statement:

“Our hearts break for the fallen officer, together with his family, friends, and each member of the Milwaukee Police Department. He selflessly dedicated himself to protecting our community, and his service will not be forgotten.”

State Senator Lena Taylor who represents Milwaukee said: 

“There are certain moments so shocking and so painful that words barely touch the surface of the profound depth of what has occurred. The loss of life is one such moment. This Officer gave 17 years of service to our city and this is not how that service should have ended.

“As we keep the family, friends, and fellow colleagues of this officer in mind, we must work to create communities that are safe and in which life is valued. I pray this officer’s family can take solace in the contributions of their family member to achieve that safety.”

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson released this statement:

“My deepest prayers, thoughts, and condolences go out to the friends and family of the Milwaukee Police officer who was tragically killed in the line of duty yesterday. Our police officers put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe.

“The loss, grief, and sadness that accompanies fatal and tragic incidents like this leave our entire community in utter shock and mourning. My heart is with the Milwaukee Police Department, our community, and the friends and family of the officer during this difficult time.”

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin said this:

"My condolences to the friends and family of the Milwaukee Police officer who was killed in the line of duty. Let us give thanks to our police officers, who put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe."

Milwaukee's Common Council issued this joint statement:

As members of the Common Council we represent diverse districts across the City of Milwaukee, and each of us interacts with Milwaukee Police officers regularly in the course of our duties. We get to know many of the officers and we establish a working rapport and a common bond of working together to make our neighborhoods safer and better.

That bond is what makes the death of our officer last evening so incredibly painful and sad. We grieve for our fallen officer and his family, and we offer our heartfelt sympathies to the officer’s family and to each and every member of the Milwaukee Police Department family.

The death in the line of duty less than two months ago of Officer Charles Irvine, Jr. is still on our minds, and from his passing we know how difficult the coming days will be for our city and for the men and women who have sworn to protect and serve this community. We recognize their sacrifice and the sacrifices made by their families, and we must band together and offer our full support during this time of mourning.

Together as one Milwaukee community we must stand and honor the memory of our fallen officer while continuing to support one another during this painful and difficult time.

State Senator David Craig from the town of Vernon said this:

“My family offers our deepest sympathies to the family, friends, and fellow officers of Michael Michalski. Our prayers for God’s grace and thanks for his service are with his family and all of the City of Milwaukee as we mourn the tragic loss of this hero. May God bless our law enforcement across Wisconsin as they continue to protect and serve our communities.”

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