Milwaukee NAACP President Says Regulate Firearms Like Cars

The President of the NAACP is keeping the conversation going about gun crime in Milwaukee after CBS 58's "Milwaukee at Crossroads" special presentation.

Fred Royal says all players involved must be involved in the conversation and that includes the criminals. "Because that's who needs to hear it first and loudest," Royal told CBS 58 News.

In the lengthy interview presented on the CBS 58 News at 4, Royal called on lawmakers to enact stronger laws on firearm purchases.

"Treat guns like we do vehicles," explained Royal. "You can't have unregistered car. It has to have title. When you sell that car you have to transfer of ownership.  Then why isn't the same thing taken into consideration for a gun. 40% of guns are bought without background check and unregistered. So it shouldn't be any less of a liability for an individual tho possesses a weapon that takes your life, similar to an automobile."  

Royal said it was also important to add suicides when we talk about gun statistics.

"People don't talk about the hidden danger with suicides.European Americans deal with economic downturns with suicide. African Americans deal with economic downturns through homicide. So, we need to have a conversation about gun violence ins America as a whole."

Royal said the statistics of fatal shootings goes up to 35,000 if you include those who use guns to take their own lives.

Annually he cited estimated of 12,000 fatal shootings per year in the United States and  75,000 people maimed annually from guns.

Royal also said this is a nationwide problem and should not be considered something just impacting African Americans.

Royal's interview aired Monday, September 12th on the CBS 58 News at 4.

To watch the entire one hour special click here

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