Milwaukee Mayor Recommends Water Filters for Homes Built Before 1951

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is urging people who live in older homes to use filters to keep lead out of their water.

Barrett recommends purchasing the filter for homes built before 1951 especially if the home has children under 6. 

CBS 58 found at a hardware store in Milwaukee a filter that Mayor Barrett is recommending.

It costs $30.

CBS 58 asked a local plumber to show how to put this filter on a faucet,  and it takes less than five minutes.

Mayor Barrett said he's urging anyone who lives in a home built before 1951 to get a filter like this.

"This is not an alarmist call this is essentially what we've said in February and what we've said repeatedly since then. I think there is a value in repeating it over and over again. Because we want people to know that our concern is about the safety of the people who live in this community and there is a particular concern for infants and children under the age of 6 they are the most vulnerable,” said Mayor Tom Barrett/Milwaukee.

Tests show these filters can remove 98 percent of all lead pieces.

That is when they are put on the faucet the right way, and when they're maintained.

View the filters that remove at this link:

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