Milwaukee Man Finishes Summer Bike Tour of all 30 MLB Parks

It's a life goal for a lot of baseball fans to check out all 30 major league stadiums. But what about all 30 in one summer on a bike?

That's exactly what Milwaukee native Matt Stoltz did when he pulled up to Miller Park Saturday morning.

Stoltz hopped on his bicycle this spring, taking in games out east, down south and up in the Pacific Northwest – 11,000 miles in all.

It's helped him raise $10,000 dollars to donate to the Boys and Girls Club, "It was an opportunity to have a platform to talk about a cause that's really important to me - youth mentoring. And getting people to sign up to become mentors and get involved and make a difference in the lives of youth, so having that opportunity throughout that trip was cool."

Of course Miller Park is his favorite stadium, but Stoltz says outside of that, his favorite place to watch a game was PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

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