Milwaukee man charged in fatal stabbing of his uncle at S. 9th Street

Joseph Howard was charged with first degree reckless homicide in the fatal stabbing of his uncle on June 5 at 1334 S. 9th Street.

According to a statement to police by Emanuel, Joseph Howard and Emanuel Howard were smoking crack with Johnetta Williams in the kitchen of their apartment.

Vincent Howard came home and was upset the three of them were smoking crack because Johnetta owed him $200 for crack.

Vincent began yelling at Johnetta. She told him she would pay him on the following Saturday.

Vincent started punching Johnetta in the face before running the kitchen and grabbing a two by four.

Vincent began hitting Johnetta with the two by four. Vincent then took a phone call and decided to leave.

Joseph wanted to call the police on Vincent, but Vincent told Joseph he wouldn't be able to stop him. Joseph grabbed a knife in the kitchen drawer and stood in front of the exit.

Emanuel grabbed Vincent to stop him, and Joseph ran up and stabbed him three times in the lower rib area. Vincent ran to the living room, and Joseph followed and stabbed him three more times in the upper chest.

Joseph was, also, charged with bail jumping. Emanuel was charged with harboring a felon and bail jumping.

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