Milwaukee liquor store owner joins Russian products boycott

NOW: Milwaukee liquor store owner joins Russian products boycott

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A local liquor store owner has joined other liquor stores across the nation who are boycotting Russian products.

Owner of In and Out Liquor and Smoke Shop, Abd Atari, in downtown Milwaukee, said his way of showing solidarity with Ukraine is by boycotting Russian products. Last Friday, Atari said he rejected a shipment of Russian Standard, a vodka produced in Russia.

He said his reasoning for joining the boycott is personal. Atari is originally from Palestine and said he knows what it feels like to be displaced and lose loved ones because of war.

"I hate wars, I hate seeing people lose their life," said Atari.

Atari said other neighboring liquor stores should do the same. It's not clear how much of an effect these measures will have on Russia's economy, but some consumers said it's more about the message of the action.

"I think that we need to show Ukraine any kind of support we possibly can, so if that's the small thing we can do, then we should do it," said Parker Cristan, of Milwaukee.

Atari said no matter the size or the impact, anything can help Ukraine.

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