Milwaukee Life Coach Claude McFarlane on the Importance of Spirituality in Achieving Life Goals

Founder of the Milwaukee based McFarlane Group, Claude McFarlane, says passion and skills are not enough to find your true purpose in life.

He talked about spirituality, not religion, live on the CBS 58 News at 4.

"Spirituality speaks to our overall purpose and center," explained McFarlane. "Look at the big picture.We're all people we all have needs. Inspiration and passion pertains to you. Spirituality allows you to impact others. So, it's more encompassing than being just about you."

McFarlane has developed a system he calls RISE.

He says it shows various steps for people trying to get more satisfaction out of career and life.

He focuses on a cycle of growth which he said you can't attach a specific timeline.

"There's a trial or a circumstance that allows you to be broken. Through that pain you get some knowledge and lesson learned and ultimately strength and overall growth."

He says the timeline is however long it takes for you to track the lesson you need to learn from that situation.

"I've gone through it myself. For me, I had to go through all of this to know who I was and my purpose in life."

He acknowledges that "life happens" and you can get sidetracked.

"Even if you get sidetracked, it's okay. Sometimes life is challenging."

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