Milwaukee kids buy gifts while building relationships with cops

NOW: Milwaukee kids buy gifts while building relationships with cops

Milwaukee Police Officers are making sure local kids have a happy holiday. They're teaming up with kids to help them buy gifts for their families. 

The event is called Shop with a Cop. It's meant to bring youth and police officers closer together. Sixteen kids from Lighthouse Youth Center each received a $100 gift card, thanks to a donation from Walmart. They shopped with District 5 officers at the Walmart on Capitol Drive in Milwaukee. 

"You see their eyes light up when they find the perfect gift for their family," Officer Ryan Miller said. 

There's a reason they try to reach kids at a young age. Site Director Chuqee Fletcher of Lighthouse Youth Center works with the kids every week. 

"Many of our kids don't have positive images or positive information about the police department here in Milwaukee," Fletcher said. 

That's the reason why Fletcher is working with District 5 to change that. 

"Exposing them more to cops and exposing them more to everything that law enforcement has to go through, will only be part of their development as they mature," Fletcher said. "Having these positive memories about the police dept." 

That's why Officer Miller volunteered. 

"Bridge the gap between the community," Officer Miller said. "We want to show them we are here for them." 

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