Milwaukee is reporting a record 226 water main breaks this month.

MILWAUKEE-It's been a record breaking year when it comes to broken water pipes.

As of February 27th, the city of Milwaukee is reporting at least 226 water main breaks this month. That's an all time record , surpassing even the 224 broken pipes reported in February 1977.

4th district Alderman Bob Bauman admits it's an emergency situation...adding that the broken water mains are a priority because residents can't go without potable water.

Bauman, also the Chair of the Public Works Committee  says that the average cost to repair one main is about $1,500. Meaning February's water main repair costs are about $340,000.

As for what that cost does to the city from a budget standpoint, the city has to tap into monies alotted for the entire year, meaning less water main replacement, and less routine maintenance for the rest of the year.



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