Milwaukee hosts Wisconsin E-Sports Summit

NOW: Milwaukee hosts Wisconsin E-Sports Summit

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- This was the first ever Wisconsin E-Sports Summit. More than 100 leaders in the Wisconsin sports industry gathered to network and to promote a business that is now worth billions of dollars worldwide.

The founder of Milwaukee's E-Sports Alliance says the video game industry has added $330 million to the local economy. And he says the pool of tech talent here puts Milwaukee in a perfect position to dominate the e-sports market.

"Anyone who has a kid under 18 knows gaming. They know their kids play, they may not understand it, so a lot of this is helping evangelize too, to parents, to people that surround it saying, you may have a predisposition for what you thought gaming was in the 90s and the 2000s, it's continued to evolve, just like everything has," said Brandon Tschacher, founder of MKE Sports Alliance.

Milwaukee has hosted e-sports events before over the last two decades, including the Midwest Gaming Classic.

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