Milwaukee Film Festival is back in person after two years of going virtual 🎞️🎥🎬

NOW: Milwaukee Film Festival is back in person after two years of going virtual 🎞️🎥🎬

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Film fanatics will now have the opportunity to experience the Milwaukee Film Festival in person. On Thursday, April 21, the Oriental Theater opened its door to the 14th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival, where they screened THE PEZ OUTLAW film.

"I'm really happy it's back, it's just something to do," said film fanatic Sam Ludwig, who has been attending the festival for several years.

After two years of going virtual, the festival is back in person and is also offering the virtual option where people will have a chance to see more than 70% of the festival's content.

"It's here and we couldn't be more excited that it's back fulfilling our purpose of bringing people together around cinema and building community and excitement and entertainment through that," said Jonathan Jackson, who is the CEO of Milwaukee Film.

This year the festival is bringing big names to the big screen such as Javier Bardem and Dakota Johnson, 284 films and 47 local film makers.

"We love our own in Milwaukee and there's a really growing amazing film community here," said Jackson.

Before the pandemic hit, Jackson said the Milwaukee Film Festival was the 6th biggest film festival in the country. He said they had to think quickly on how to change the experience of the festival but now that things are heading back to normal, he's expecting a great economic outcome.

Attendees range from both on-screen talent, directors, producers, writers, editors and many more. The 14-day festival will be screening short films, documentaries, comedies and the list goes on. These films will be screened at Oriental and Avalon theater as well as Times Cinema.

For more information, visit their website here.

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