Milwaukee DPW adds workers to help fix potholes

MILWAUKEE --Potholes keep popping up across Milwaukee.  DPW crews work diligently to fix but sometimes it's hard to keep up.

That's what this new program helps with.  25 new workers join the ranks to focus on potholes.  There are 18 who were introduced Monday at a north side DPW location. 

Mayor Tom Barrett thanked them for joining the city.  They'll work for six months with DPW.  The goal is to help the city fix potholes, but also help the workers get their lives on track.  Many have criminal histories or other past problems hampering their job search. 

These are entry-level positions but there's an opportunity for some to step up and learn a variety of skills.

\"Potholes are the main focus,\" DPW Commissioner Ghassan Korban said.  \"But hopefully we're going to run out of potholes, cross our fingers.  When that happens we're going to start focusing on maybe water main break patches. Those are a little bit more involved, but higher skill. But you could still perform and help with that process as well.\"

Mayor Barrett says the workers will be paid $10.10 per hour.

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