Milwaukee demonstrators join nationwide strike over McDonald's workplace harassment policies

NOW: Milwaukee demonstrators join nationwide strike over McDonald’s workplace harassment policies

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- In recent years, we've seen protests at McDonald's restaurants. Usually, they were calls for better pay. But Tuesday, Oct. 26, it was over something different.

A small group of demonstrators showed up at a McDonald's on Milwaukee's northwest side Tuesday. They were part of a strike in a dozen cities across the country demanding that the company do something about sexual harassment against workers. 

McDonald's has a long policy statement against harassment, but protesters say the company has ignored dozens of complaints about harassment in the workplace.

They also say crew members and low-level managers who have said something about the problem have faced retaliation.

"It's happening here, it's happening at McDonald's, it's happening at Popeye's, it's happening at so many fast food places, so many different workplaces," said striker Wanda Lavender. "It needs to be spoke about. Everyone has a voice and it's time for people to stand up and use it."

These are not new complaints. 

In fact, in April, McDonald's promised to make all workers undergo anti-harassment training. But protesters say there has been no update on timing, enforcement or consequences for restaurants that don't follow that requirement.

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