Milwaukee County Zoo welcomes new arrivals

NOW: Milwaukee County Zoo welcomes new arrivals

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee County Zoo is excited to announce some new arrivals.

Alexandria the orangutan now calls the Primates of the World building home. She joins her partner Tommy, a male orangutan. 

Another addition, a camel calf, was born to parents Addie-Jean and Stan in early June. 

Hersey, the waterbuck calf, and Iibu, the Baird's Tapir, (pictured) also joined the zoo as new arrivals.

"Some of them will go onto other zoos to do some breeding of their own, make their own sorts of families," said Jennifer Diliberti of the Milwaukee County Zoo. "It's nice, especially with the giraffes because they grow so quickly."

A giraffe calf was born just a couple weeks ago, and will soon be able to reach the top of trees.

Zoo staff says he's already more than six feet tall. 

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