Milwaukee County Zoo Elephants to get new home

As part of the county budget, the zoo will get a much needed expansion.

New rules require space for at least 3 elephants in an exhibit. Milwaukee County Zoo's 60-year-old play yard only has room for two. African elephants Ruth and Brittany will not only get triple the space in the zoo's upgrade, they'll get some new friends too. Planning has already begun on a brand new Safari area, that fits up to six of the pachyderms. It'll also have sand for more comfort, and a bigger pool area for hot days. County Executive Chris Abele didn't lay out yet how much they'll spend but he says more visitors will make up for it.

"My three girls love visiting the zoo, and so do more than 1.2 million other people who visit every year. So the added benefit of this investment is that it improves the county's long term financial stability by increasing revenues," Abele said.

Construction for new spot begins next year, it'll open in 2018.

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