Milwaukee County sheriff adding extra patrols to lakefront, parks ahead of heat wave

NOW: Milwaukee County sheriff adding extra patrols to lakefront, parks ahead of heat wave

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- This will be the first hot weekend of summer and that's expected to draw big crowds to the lakefront.

Milwaukee County is taking steps to ensure the beach stays safe for families this weekend.

The sheriff's office said beach-goers will see additional deputies around.

It has added foot patrols and traffic enforcement units to keep the beach safe.

"The community, the fun, the youth, the feeling that I don't need to go to a coast like California," said Jenni Guarascio describing why she dropped down to Bradford Beach Friday, June 4.

It was a beautiful day. Families played in the sand. Teens tossed footballs to each other. Milwaukee County wants this scene to repeat all the time, but County Supervisor Sheldon Wasserman said that's not always the case.

"When it's hot and people start drinking and they get hot and bothered, and their tempers start flaring, we're worried about violence and we don't want it here," said Wasserman.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said it's adding extra patrols to the beach this weekend to help keep the public safe.

"Summer is to enjoy ourselves and have a great time and celebrate," said Wasserman.

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley said violence, reckless driving and other dangerous behavior damages the work the county has done.

"It also runs counter to all the work that we've been doing this past year to keep residents safe," said Crowley.

He said everyone has a role to play to keep the beach safe.

"We need all county residents to do their part to make sure that we continue to make this beach family friendly as well as safe," said Crowley.

And that's so important after a year and a half of COVID.

"We can all feel safe and have fun, especially as we're all coming back out into the world," said Guarascio.

The county said there will also be beach ambassadors keeping an eye on things.

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