Milwaukee County looking for owners of $2.2 million in unclaimed funds

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee County Treasurer David Cullen is asking for the help of Milwaukee County residents to locate the owners of over $2.2 million in unclaimed funds.

“The Treasurer’s Office has the job of finding the rightful owners of these funds and getting the money back to them,” Cullen explained. “The $2.2 million in unclaimed funds is a great deal of money, and it belongs to the people who could use the money to help make ends meet. We will continue to explore new ways to reach potential claimants with information about these unclaimed funds. I am asking for the assistance of Milwaukee County citizens to find anyone they might know who is on this list.”

To find out if you're owed money, click here. Scroll down to the unclaimed funds section and follow the instructions.

In addition, a printed copy of the 2019 listing and forms to file claims for the money will be available at all Milwaukee Public Libraries. You can also review the 2019 listing and forms to file claims at the Milwaukee County Treasurer’s Office, Milwaukee County Courthouse, 901 N 9th Street, Room 102. Claim forms must be notarized and submitted to the Treasurer’s Office with a copy of a valid photo ID.

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