Milwaukee County Board approves taxpayer dollars to enforce living wage law

MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors has approved the use of thousands of taxpayer dollars to oversee enforcement of the living wage law.


The vote Thursday was 14-4.


Approval means $78,374 will be transferred to the Audit Services Division this year and $217,369 next year.


The large amount of cash will be used to create three new jobs in the division to enforce the living wage ordinance. Money will also be used to buy computer equipment to ensure company compliance.


Some county supervisors called the measure a common sense request because it is money the department needs to do its job.


Others said using taxpayer dollars was never apart of the plan.


Also at the meeting, the board voted to send a referendum concerning funding for a new Bucks arena back to committee.


The measure would let voters decide in November whether tax money is used for a new facility.


County Supervisor Deanna Alexander suggested the another review because the Bucks have been sold, which had not happened the last time the committee looked at the resolution.


The Judiciary, Safety and General Services committee meets again next month.


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