Milwaukee Common Council Approves Five Million Dollar Settlement

The Milwaukee Common Council approved a $5,000,000 settlement for victims of illegal strip searches on Tuesday.
The resolution to allow the city to borrow money to pay for this settlement passed with a 9-6 vote.
There are 74 black men in this case who say they were subject to unlawful strip searches and body cavity searches.
Some council members felt the resolution institutionalized restitution, but many also felt when taxpayer dollars are concerned, it will cost everyone less money to settle this out of court.
"The longer we him in the hall, and refuse to make up our minds, we give them a chance to not make up their minds, So from the fiscal point of view if we all agree this is a reasonable deal, then we need to move forward with it,” Alderman Nik Kovac said. 
"I cannot help but to feel some disdain, a true disdain, for one how we got here, but also the terms of the settlement,” said Alderman Coggs. 
When the money will be distributed to victims still remains uncertain.
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