Milwaukee Common Council approves downtown strip club

NOW: Milwaukee Common Council approves downtown strip club

After a lengthy battle, a strip club has won its chance to set up shop in downtown Milwaukee.

It was a heated debate this morning, but the motion to put a strip club on Old World Third Street has passed. That comes after a failed vote to send the matter back to committee.

Alderman Bauman spoke out about the location. It's in his district and he says the same group has applied 6 times and that the location has always been a problem for locals in the area. Alderman Bohl and Alderman Zielinski outspokenly supported the location. Alderman Zielinski said the group on investors this time has a good track record. However, when the location passed the licensing committee yesterday, it was brought up that there was no public testimony on purpose. So the matter could be rushed to the full council for a vote.

"To at least insinuate that the members of this council are some kind of way trying to do something underhandedly to try to hand a license to someone because that's clearly not what's happening," Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton said.

The council just voted on the settlement of a lawsuit that was brought on by the people asking to put that strip club on 3rd Street. The settlement was just approved.

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