Milwaukee child found alone outside without coat, shoes

NOW: Milwaukee child found alone outside without coat, shoes

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Video shared by a good Samaritan shows a young boy rescued from the bitter cold in Milwaukee. 

The boy was found outside in the road without a coat or shoes near 21st and Lapham. 

"He just kept screaming 'mommy,'" said Miguel Viramontes, who found the child. "That's the only thing he was screaming. I would ask if he's okay. He said 'yeah.' He'd start crying. I would just rub his chest to keep him warm. He was scared, cold."

Viramontes helped the toddler into a warm car, where they waited for police to arrive. He says before he stepped in, others drivers ignored the boy. He believes the situation could have ended much differently.

"Could have been a lot worse. Could have been hit by a car. Could have been picked up by a creep. He could have froze to death." 

Police say the boy wandered off and was reunited with his parents shortly after the video was taken. 

The boy is okay, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

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