Milwaukee Bucks off-the-court superstars get their own bobbleheads

NOW: Milwaukee Bucks off-the-court superstars get their own bobbleheads

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- While all eyes are on Giannis and the rest of the team as the Bucks prepare to take on the Celtics in Game 6, there are some other faces we've come accustomed to off the court as well. 

"It feels surreal," said Daniel Roberts. 

Have you heard of Daniel Roberts, Ben Tajnai and DJ Shawna? By now you've probably seen them at the games, either on the sidelines or in the stands. 

Roberts is known for his dedicated fandom to the Milwaukee Bucks -- tearing off his shirt while drinking a beer during the championship run last year.

"It’s a masterpiece," said Roberts, looking at his bobblehead. "It really is. Not only does the head bobble, but they even got the belly bobble." 

Tajnai is the good luck charm that sings the national anthem at games, and his bobblehead sings it too! 

And DJ Shawna is the team's official DJ. 

"I'm humbled. It's a huge honor," said DJ Shawna. This is something that you have goals and dreams and aspirations, and honestly I never thought this was going to feel as cool as it does." 

The bobbleheads are available at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame Museum for a limited time. They can decorate your home or your desk at work as fans cheer on the team in their quest for another title. 

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