Milwaukee bar owner looking for man he says urinated in beer glass, gave it to bartender

NOW: Milwaukee bar owner looking for man he says urinated in beer glass, gave it to bartender

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A typical Tuesday night at an Upper East Side bar in Milwaukee took a bizarre turn when one unruly patron tried to play a lewd prank on unsuspecting customers. 

Champions Pub is tucked away on Bartlett Avenue near the Oak Leak Trail and owner Bobby Greenya says weeknights are usually pretty low key.

"We have a lot of people who come here because it's laid back, off the beaten path," Greenya said. 

However, that was not the case on Tuesday when he says two men walked in hoping to play shuffleboard. 

"They were making rude, crude jokes to my bartender," Greenya said. 

What one of the men allegedly did next shocked even Greenya, who has seen a lot in his decades in the bar business.

Greenya says the two men walked outside of the bar and one of the men urinated in a beer glass. 

"I've seen some crazy stuff," Greenya said. "I've never seen anything this dumb."

Greenya says what the two men did not realize is that it was all caught on a surveillance camera he installed last week. 

The man can be heard bragging about what he allegedly did. 

"That's like my favorite thing to do," the unidentified man said. "Instead of p****** in a toilet, I p*** in a glass of beer and hopefully someone takes it."

Then, Greenya says the man handed the glass to the bartender on duty. 

The man who Greenya says urinated in the glass can be seen moments earlier stumbling as he tries to walk outside. 

"You should know better if you're 15," Greenya said. "They were childish and immature. It was terrible."

Greenya just hopes justice is served. 

"I would just like them prosecuted and given a ticket and show them that you can't do this to people," Greenya said. 

Greenya says he has been in contact with the police and hopes someone who watched the video can identify the suspect and bring him to justice.

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