Milwaukee Alderman's new home towers above neighbors, draws criticism

NOW: Milwaukee Alderman’s new home towers above neighbors, draws criticism

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - A new home in Bay View is casting a long shadow in the neighborhood.

The home belongs to a Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski and is drawing criticism.

The three-story home is going up on Superior Street in Bay View.

It’s been the focus of a wave of social media posts, and a drone video which has been shared hundreds of times and viewed thousands.

Some on Facebook are calling the home “hideous,” others think “it’s an eyesore for sure.”

But some people did like the design, saying it looks “cool,” another said they’d like a house like that.

One post wondered how people in surrounding houses feel.

So did CBS 58, so we went door-to-door talking to Zielinski’s new neighbors.

No one wanted to go on camera, saying they want to stay good neighbors.

But they all shared concerns, from the sheer size to the fact that it takes up almost the whole lot.

They wish the home fit into the neighborhood a little better.

Along with being much taller than surrounding homes, the 39-foot structure will have an elevator and outdoor hot tub.

Not exactly a norm in that stretch of Bay View, but it complies with city zoning.

The design wasn’t a complete surprise, however.

Neighbors told us that the Alderman held a pizza party and shared the plans with them before he even got started.

Even so, some in the neighborhood say they never expected how it turned out.

We did reach out to Alderman Zielinski, he sent back this statement: “Where my wife and I live is a personal matter.”

Neighbors did say that Zielinski made changes to the original plans after some voiced concerns.

They included two changes that kept the home from blocking the view from homes on either side.

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