Milwaukee Air and Water Show has a disappointing rainy and windy weekend

NOW: Milwaukee Air and Water Show has a disappointing rainy and windy weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Cloudy, rainy and windy weekend weather caused for delays and cancellations at Milwaukee’s Air and Water Show. 

Performances were very limited both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the water portion of the show was canceled because of the waves. On Sunday, high waves and low clouds caused limited performances. Planes were up in the sky for 20 minutes with two limited performances and two flybys. The US Air Force Thunderbirds were only able to have one plane up in the sky for a short time.

“Not much of a show,” Airshow Fan Jennifer Schleicher said. “We saw one jet go by real fast and then another little plane and that was it.”

Powerboats could not perform on the water either on Sunday because of big waves.

“The weather wasn't terrible, it was kind of comfortable, what was a disappointment is that we didn't get to see the show,” Airshow fan Samantha Garrett said.

The Milwaukee Air and Water Show said this weekend weather was disheartening and they are disappointed the weather prevented them from having a full show.  

Vendors tell CBS 58 big crowds came out to get a bite to eat rain or shine. Food Vendor 'Treat Street' said the wind helped spread the word about their popcorn and nuts.

“It was insane, so many people in every direction,” Christine Pugel said. “It was a big seller because the smells were just going everywhere.”

Many food vendors said the weekend was good for business.

“The weekend went really well, weather was iffy, but we powered through it and everyone showed up just like we thought they would,” Owner of Jet's Pizza Doug Pierard said.

But, the same can’t be said for every vendor. One vendor that didn’t want to be named said she doesn’t think she’ll be coming back next year. 

“I was happy enough to make my money back, but I don't think I made enough money to account for all my time spent here,” a vendor said.

Regardless of cancellations and delays, many families came out to the lakefront to enjoy their day along the water.

 “Kind of bummed out, but it was still a nice day, we sat around and enjoyed each other's company and that's what it's all about,” Gerard Skar said.

The Milwaukee Air and Water show said the Thunderbirds are already planning to come back in 2019, they hope to have better weather next year.

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