Milwaukee Air and Water Show

Milwaukee's lakefront flooded with people Saturday to watch the air and water show. The pilots and skydivers have been practicing over the last few days. They were able to show off their skills in front of thousands. 

\"I've been on the Golden Knight for 12 years and have just over 6,000 jumps. It's a great job,\"said Sgt. Joe Jones. 

Jumping out of airplanes may seem crazy for some, but not for these guys.

\"To fly over a big city like Milwaukee with all the people it's just ridiculous,\"said Jones.
Mike Coch isn't just a spectator. He's the proud dad of a Golden Knight. 

\"I've seen him 30 or 40 times jump and every time it's exhilarating,\" said Coch. 

Coch and his son are from Wisconsin and glad to be be able to be a part of the Milwaukee Air and Water Show. 

\"I grew up in La Crosse and my whole family is from Oconomowoc. I love it and I miss it so much. Every time I come home I miss it more and more,\" said Mike Coch Jr.  

Saturday he was able to soar through Wisconsin skies. 

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