Mild weather helping golfers, hurting ice fishermen

The mild weather sweeping across the region is keeping golf courses open longer.  Lincoln Park Course in Milwaukee County is still open and hundreds have taken advantage of it over the last week.

"When you start talking about 40 to 50° weather, no wind they just love it. Just love it," Milwaukee County Parks worker Nearlin Carter said.  "They are out here to play. Plus on top of that we have a short summer and they want to keep on playing golf. The winter itself is long and boring."

Percy Heidelberg says he's golfed every month of the year in Wisconsin before, so he looks forward to it as a tune-up before he heads to Florida.

"Just take advantage of it," Heidelberg said.  "It might be a few years before we do this again."

The Milwaukee Ice Fishing show is going on at State Fair Park this weekend.  It's a great chance for ice fishermen to learn about new gear, techniques, and much more  - since there's no ice on the lakes just yet.

"You wait until you have ice," John Krauss said.  "What else are you going to do? If there's no ice you can't fish. Ice fish, until you get ice."

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