School bus crashes into Milwaukee Public library location after collision with MCTS bus

NOW: School bus crashes into Milwaukee Public library location after collision with MCTS bus

Update 12/10/21: Milwaukee Police: are investigating a crash that occurred on Friday, December 10, 2021, at approximately 6:06 a.m., on W. Center Street and W. Fond Du Lac Avenue. A school bus disregarded a red light and collided with Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus. The driver of the school bus was the sole occupant. The driver sustained non-fatal injuries and was cited. The driver of the MCTS bus and 5 passenger sustained non-fatal injuries. Everyone was transported to local hospital for treatment.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The morning rush hour was quickly halted after a school bus collided with a Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus near Fond du Lac and Center in Milwaukee.

It happened around 6 a.m. Friday, Dec. 10.

"There's always something at this particular intersection just because there is so much traffic," said resident Tracy Polk, who lives nearby.

According to a statement, MCTS said its BlueLine bus was headed southeast when the school bus "made contact" at the intersection of Fond du Lac and Center.

The full statement from MCTS reads: At 6:05 a.m. this morning, a school bus made contact in the intersection of FDL and Center with a BlueLine MCTS bus traveling SE. The MCTS bus operator and five passengers were transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Our thoughts are with everyone involved.

The school bus ended up crashing into Center Street Library, and its children's area.

"It is beyond fortunate. You never want to see this happen but when human lives are at stake it's just that much worse," said Eileen Force Cahill, Milwaukee Public Library director of community relations.

The library was closed when the crash happened but one worker was inside.

Cahill told CBS 58 a structural evaluation is needed before the Center Street location reopens.

"You know our libraries, by design, are in busy intersections to make them more accessible to the public. But that also puts you at risk," said Cahill.

In a statement, Milwaukee Public Schools said the school bus involved does not provide service to MPS students.

For library updates, people are asked to visit MPL's website or check their social media.

The Milwaukee Fire Department, Milwaukee Police Department and Milwaukee County workers responded to the crash.

This is a developing story. Stick with CBS 58 for the latest.

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